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Spend time in fresh air, admire the wild lakeland scenery. Be enchanted by culinary experiences provided by nature: the gifts of forests, fields and waters. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature. Dinner is served – welcome in.

The Tasty Western Lakeland stand displays products from small companies in the Finnish countryside. Their strengths are locality, unique character and superb quality. The range includes berry wines, -juices, -honey, jams, meat preserves, cheeses, gluten-free bakery products and spring water – superfood from natural ingredients, foods from hemp and spelt, along with accommodation services.

North Karelia is the easternmost region of Finland, adjoining 302 km of Russian border. Here you will still find peace and clean air to breathe. The population in an area a little smaller than Brandenburg is only ca. 160,000. Our holiday businesses offer sustainable tourist services from the love of nature, sprinkled with Karelian hospitality. Our stand also contains finds like Food Heaven and international award-winning gin.

Kainuu is filled with a wealth of experiences all the year round. The opportunities are provided by nature in all its many forms. Large wild animals, fresh coniferous forests, crystalline waterways, the last wildernesses in Europe, varied activities, unique history and traditions, distinct changes of season, and year-round services are some of Kainuu’s trump cards. The products on Kainuu’s stand offer experiences straight from the wilderness.

The southwestern corner of Finland is a tourist’s treasure chest, containing exquisite island and coastal scenery, modern city life, rural tranquillity, and good services. The pure and healthy food blows you away. Welcome to enjoy the Finnish archipelago!

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